Saturday, January 30, 2010


Thanks to those who sent in updates, additional information, and corrections.

These can be sent in either via e-mail or as comments.

Two updates of some significance have been reported.

  • A recently-retired long-time TPC employee has stated that in his recollection the Elkhorn and Waterloo CDOs were separate, discrete, and each located in their respective towns prior to 289 and 779 going ESS in the mid 1970s. I do recall that at one time prior to the cut, the same numbers could be dialed using either prefix. We may have to agree to disagree on this factoid until something in writing can be located.

  • A person 'in the know' reports that the Internorth Centrex on 633 was Centrex-CU using a local WECO Definity, as opposed to a Centrex-CO hosted off of the main switch as I had erroneously reported.

  • Late update: Another former TPCer reports that Council Bluffs did not use the Omaha time announcement service on 844-8111 and the 844 prefix was not dialable from Council Bluffs. Instead they had their own similar time announcement machine on 328-8116. This time announcement machine could also be reached from Glenwood, which at the time was not within the Council Bluffs calling area.

Thanks, gang, and keep those cards and letters coming.

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